CACC – Bar Opening Times Covid Instructions

Saturday 4th July we open at 1pm – 11pm.

We have put a list of rules to follow to adhere with the guidance. These will be up outside and inside the building. Please do not expect to turn up and things are back to normal. If we all stick to them I am sure we can all have a good day! As I mentioned we will have some seating and drinks tables outside feel free to bring your own.

MEMBERS -You must be a member or accompanied by a member to attend in this period – Your name & contact details will be taken on arrival in a book and kept for 21 days. We will keep these if needed for track and trace reasons.

THE BAR – Only one person at the bar at a time – Please stand on the clearly marked areas to queue to adhere to social distancing. Do not stand in the doorway to queue please leave room for people to exit with drinks.
Use the provided sanitizer before you are served. If possible pay using contactless card machine. Disposable plastic glasses provided for all pints/halves please use the trays on the bar to carry out if needed. There is a tray collection point outside where they will be cleaned and returned to bar. Bins provided outside to dispose of plastic glasses and a separate bottle bin. If you are given a glass please return it too collection point outside with the trays.

-The table in front of the bar is to ensure you keep your distance from the bar person who will wear a mask and disposable gloves. Please respect and be patient with them. Absolutely no self service at this time!

-Capacity in the Lounge has been halved to 45 people at a time please be seated if drinking inside. The tables have been spaced out to allow for social distancing please don’t move them. Drinking outside is encouraged !!

-Front door and windows will be open to allow plenty of ventilation.

-Do not bring your own food into the building.

TOILETS – The entrance to the corridor from the bar is closed to non workers – Only enter the toilets through the home changing room , use the sanitizer provided in the changing room on every visit.

-Maximum of 2 people in the gents toilets at one time. One at the urinal next to the window and one in a WC. One at a time in the ladies toilet and disabled toilet (ladies only).

-Wash your hands after using the toilet then exit the building through the away changing rooms and use provided sanitizer when leaving the building. The changing room doors will be open at all times.

SOCIAL DISTANCING- At all times please adhere to social distancing apart from with people inside your household or bubble.

CHILDREN – We welcome Families and Children – During this period we ask there are no children at the bar and if inside must be seated with their family group.
I hope you can support us to ensure you are responsible for your children and explain rules to them. Hopefully a dry day means they can let off steam outside !

REMEMBER- We are a volunteer run members club and all in this together, none of us are experts, please take your own responsibility to adhere to the rules which we have put together to mitigate risk and help keep everyone safe.

Please be respectful of everyone present.

Please do not attend Clifton Alliance if you or your family are showing any covid symptoms.