Here are some people that have reached something significant in the last 6 weeks of the season:

  • Scott Hopkinson has moved into 22nd place in the list of top run scorers, passing Roy Haddon and Jason Gatus
  • Sam Grant has taken his 150th wicket
  • Liam Green, Jake Atkinson and Scott Hopkinson have taken their 50th catches
  • Dave Friend has moved into the top 10 wicket-takers, passing Francis Hawthorne and is now on 347 wickets
  • John Gilham has scored 7500 runs for all teams
  • Dave Taylor has scored 1000 runs for the 2nd team
  • Lewis Clark has played his 150th match
  • Matt Phillips has moved into 12th place in the list of top run scorers, passing Richard Musgrave and Mark Taylor
  • Ali Wray has moved into the top 20 dismissals, with 85 (catches + stumpings)
  • Josh Bean has taken his 100th wicket
  • Matt Mellor has moved into 18th place in the top wicket-takers, passing Winstone Holder
  • Ollie Brookes-Humphrey has scored his 500th run
  • Niall Tilsley has played his 100th game

The career records will be updated to include the 2021 season on the Historical Statistics page in the coming weeks.

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