Five legends of Clifton Alliance CC met at the Vincent & Brown Alliance Cricket Ground on Saturday as part of an extensive project to document every senior player’s playing number in order.

Former players Hal Parris, Brian Sprigg, Albert Arundale, Kevin Ambrosen and Herbert Lockwood (pictured) were presented with caps with their own individual appearance numbers on. All five made great contributions to Clifton Alliance in their playing days. Needless to say a couple of them now make fantastic contributions off the field.

Hal Parris, Brian Spring, Albert Arundale, Kevin Ambrosen and Herbert Lockwood at Clifton Alliance, York

The numbers were worked out by Paul Thorpe, who has undertaken the mammoth task of cataloguing each player’s place in history. He has pieced together information from old scorecards dating back nearly half a century to the club’s foundation.

Thanks to his work every player can now find out where they appear in the club’s pantheon in the same way that England test cricketers can.

Anyone who has played senior cricket for CACC can see their own playing number on this website, and there is now is a version on the wall in the pavilion.

Many thanks to Paul for providing the caps and his great work documenting this cricket club’s proud history.

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