Here are some people that have reached a milestone in the last couple of months:


  • Scott Hopkinson has scored his 4500th run (all 1st team) and moved to 17th overall in the list of runscorers
  • Andrew Simpson has scored his 1000th run (all 1st team)
  • Nic Hindle has gone by Adam Clark & Hal Parris to move to 15th in the list of runscorers
  • Jake Atkinson has scored his 2000th run
  • Liam Green has scored his 1000th run
  • Sam Grant has scored his 1500th run (all 1st team)
  • Matt Phillips has become the 12th player to pass 5000 runs
  • Lewis Clark has scored his 1500th run
  • George Breheney has scored his 500th run
  • Sid Corley has scored his 2000th run for the 1st team
  • Jamie Butt has scored his 2000th run for the 2nd team
  • Niall Tilsley has scored his 1000th run for the 3rd team
  • Ran Banerjee & Mick Wood have scored their 500th run for the 4th team


  • Scott Hopkinson has moved by Pete Green and John McCann into 20th place in the list of wicket takers.
  • Joe Kilvington has taken his 200th wicket
  • Jack Heartshorne has taken his 100th wicket for the 2nd team
  • Thomas Brown has taken his 150th wicket for the 1st team
  • Matt Mellor has become the 17th player to take 300 wickets
  • Matthew Carruthers and Elliott Precious have taken their 50th wickets


  • Sid Corley has taken his 350th catch
  • Ali Wray and Josh Clark have gone by Jonny Stevens 86 dismissals into 18th and 19th place in the most dismissals list
  • Niall Tilsley has taken his 50th dismissal
  • Lewis Clark has taken his 50th catch


  • Sid Corley has just played his 550th match!
  • Ali Wray has played his 426th match and the next match he plays will pass Dave Heartshorne into 7th place overall
  • Allan Barton has become the 14th player to play 350 matches
  • Matt Mellor has played his 200th match
  • Thomas Brown has played his 100th match

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