In what has been a record-breaking spell for the Clifton Alliance First XI, here are some other significant milestones that some of our players have passed in the last couple of months:

  • Scott Hopkinson has now taken 175 wickets and moved to 22nd in the overall list of wicket takers
  • Sam Grant has moved from 40th to 30th in the “most wickets” list
  • Liam Green has taken his 150th wicket for the club
  • Craig Nicoll has scored 500 runs
  • Thomas Brown has taken his 100th wicket
  • John Gilham has become the fourth player to pass 450 games
  • Dave Taylor has moved into sixth in all team appearances, passing Dave Heartshorne
  • Simon Williams has scored his 2,000th run
  • Jamie Butt has scored his 2,000th run for all teams, and has made his 100th appearance for the 2nd XI
  • Joe Kilvington has scored 500 runs
  • Jack Heartshorne has taken his 100th wicket
  • Matt Phillips has scored 1,000 runs for the 3rd XI
  • Rich Marshall has scored his 2,000th run
  • Joe Hodge has played his 50th match
  • Jake Mead has scored his 500th run
  • Chris Elliot has scored his 2,500th run

Thanks to Matt Phillips for compiling the statistics. You can find more stats up to the end of last season on the Historical Statistics pages.

The CACC First XI celebrate taking a wicket

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